3.5 2019-02-20 Implementation of multiple user requested features II

A lot of ideas have been posted in our support servers featurerequest channel. Those ideas that were requested a lot and are easy to implement will be covered by this patch.

 3.4 2020-02-10 Website Redesign & Bot Statistics

Redesign of the website to a better look with statistics about the bot.

 3.3 2019-12-27 Backend changes

A more lightweight implementation of certain backend aspects.

 3.2 2019-09-26 Implementation of multiple user requested features

We added a number of small additions like creating roleassignments for serverjoins or adding a textmessage cooldown.

 3.1 2019-09-23 Bonus score

Admins now have a separate score for giving xp to people, but cannot give votes anymore.

 3.0 2019-09-15 Remote and in-memory databases

In order to be able to scale up to many more servers, we need a faster system that also works distributed. This update is big, but mostly necessary backend improvements and nothing new for you. After this is working flawlessly, many new features for our users will follow soon!