(1) How do I see more Level/Roles/...?

 (2) What is the prefix of my bot?

 (3) Why do my commands not get recognized?

 (4) What are tokens and how do I get/earn them?

 (5) How do I get the role, channel or user ID?

 (6) My Bot doesn’t respond to commands or is offline?

 (7) How do I add/change/remove assign/deassign level roles?

 (8) The bot is not giving out the roles I set

 (9) The bot doesn’t give XP

 (10) I added a new role. Will people who are already that level or above get it?

 (11) Can I give/take XP/Level to a role/user?

 (12) How do I set up levels for voice/text only?

 (13) I’m not getting any level up messages?

 (14) What are votes?

 (15) Can I stop muted/deafened/solo users from gaining XP in voice channels?

 (16) When does the monthly, weekly and daily stats reset?

 (17) How does invite XP work?

 (18) What are the different Stats/Emojis?

 (19) What is the level factor?

 (20) How do I change the xp settings?